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About Band-Sound

Studio-style recording
Band-Sound does audio and video recording of bands and individual artists or performers for auditions, demo's or other promotional purposes.

Live sound
Live sound support for small to medium size venues.
32 channel digital board, 16 monitor sends, QSC main speakers with subs, Drum mics, Instrument and vocal mics, everything you need for your gig.

Our philosophy

Band-Sound utilizes a slightly different approach to the audio recording process.
We bring the recording session to you.

What we offer

  • A very cost effective alternative to a "Recording Studio".
  • AVID Pro Tools editing software. The same recording system used by many major studios.
  • High quality audio equipment from QSC, KRK, Sennheiser, Rode, EV, Mogami, and many more.
  • Professional HD video equipment


Recording vocals

Recording vocals for the EXIT demo